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The need to create an equal opportunity base for polo in America led to the development of The Polo Training Foundation. It was officially launched on January 20, 1967. First and foremost, the Polo Training Foundation is dedicated to cultivating the future of polo in America while making it accessible and fun to everyone.

The Polo Training Foundation has been committed to excellence in the great sport of polo for over 50 years. The PTF supports polo training at all levels. The Foundation’s many programs include beginner clinics designed to teach young people the principles of polo, intercollegiate /interscholastic tournaments and clinics, and international player exchanges. Through its activities, the PTF seeks to encourage the highest standards of sportsmanship and to promote international good will through polo competition.

Polo is a challenging sport both mentally and physically and teaches hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership skills. Through the PTF the youth of America is given opportunities to grow and flourish. Whether they want to learn the game or they desire the stepping stones to make it to the top of the sport, the Polo Training Foundation is the place to do it.

Churchill once proclaimed that “a polo handicap is a passport to the world.” The PTF was designed to utilize that handicap and thus continue the polo education of the Junior Players while also creating new friends and memories.

Board of Directors:


Melissa Ganzi, Chairman

Anthony L. Coppola, President

Gillian Johnston, Vice President

Leighton Jordan, Secretary

Joseph W. Kozlik, Treasurer


George Alexander, Jr.

Ian W. Angus

Eugene Burk

Daniel W. Colhoun Jr.

Karlene Beal Garber

Orrin H. Ingram

Richard C. Riemenschneider

To serve to 2023

Anthony Coppola

Melissa P. Ganzi

Karl Hilberg

Gillian Johnston

Leighton Jordan

Bill Kirton

Clifford M. Sifton

Patricia Yunghanns

To serve to 2022

Olexa Celine

Lyn Jason Cobb

Glen Holden, Sr.

Kenneth R. Mayer

Jesse Pruitt

Thomas A. Sikes

Dayna Dixon Stueck

John Walsh

To serve to 2024

Olexa Celine

Joseph W. Kozlik

Raymond Noh

Virginia Orthwein

Richard C. Riemenschneider

Jennifer A. Rodriguez

James J. Zenni Jr.

Michelle Whitman

PTF Junior Board

Ava Rose Hinkson, Chairwoman

Lea Jih-Vieira President

Anna Hale, Vice President

Patricio Fraga Errecart, Secretary

Kelsey Burhans

Zachary Cobbs

Grant Ganzi

Jack McLean

Winston Painter

Maeve Reicher

Hannah Stowe

Catherine Stueck

Vlad Tarashansky

Teghan Torrey

Jack Whitman

Cory Williams

Executive Director: Jennifer McLeavy (JMcLeavy@polotraining.org)

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“The PTF is a big part of why I fell in love with polo.”

Jack McLean
UVA polo team

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