PTF North Dallas Clinic 2021

The PTF sponsors numerous outdoor and indoor clinics, including Umpire Clinics, Adult Clinics, as well as Junior and Interscholastic clinics. 

• The goal of each clinic is to help players understand the concepts, rules, and principles of polo through instruction, videos study, discussion, and hands-on learning. 

• The Virginia Interscholastic (arena) clinic at University of Virginia is the most popular arena clinic in the country, hosting an average of 40 players annually, with waiting lists for both the July and August sessions.  PTF co-sponsors annual camps and clinics in California as well. To register or for more information for the Virginia Clinics please click here.

In September of 2021, the PTF held the first annual North Dallas Arena & Grass Clinic at Mayer Ranch.

The PTF also has a Clinic Reimbursement Program. For more information, or to apply for Reimbursement click the clinic application below.

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