Eldorado Junior Polo Program




The Eldorado junior program was founded by Fred Mannix when former nine & ten goalers Joe Barry & Tommy Wayman among other great players were playing at Eldorado.   Including their children many of today’s young players got their start in Eldorado Junior Polo.  In fact, seven of the first ten members of Team USPA got their start at Eldorado Junior Polo and teams representing Eldorado have won numerous Interscholastic Championships.  


In the past two years under the directorship of Violeta Escapite the program has grown to nearly 40 regularly playing youngsters.  Eldorado aficionados love having coffee or breakfast at the Cantina on Saturday and Sunday mornings during the season while watching Eldorado Juniors going through drills and scrimmaging from the lead line level through walk trot and intermediate and advanced.


Eldorado Polo Club (link to website)